My job:  

I'm Catedràtic d'Universitat  (Professor) at the Departament d'Enginyeria Civil i Ambiental (DECA), in the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC). I teach Structural Mechanics and Continuum Mechanics and my research is concerned with numerical methods in engineering and applied sciences, with particular emphasis on finite element methods in fluid mechanics (although I'm open to other techniques and/or other problems).

Likewise, I collaborate with the International Center for Numerical methods in Engineering (CIMNE), a research center at the UPC. This has given me the opportunity to be in contact with "real life" problems which have very much influenced my research activity.

Academic background:

Llicenciat en Ciències Matemàtiques (five year degree in Mathematics).
Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, 1989.

Enginyer de Camins, Canals i Ports (six year degree in Civil Engineering).
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, 1989.

Doctor Enginyer de Camins, Canals i Ports (Ph.D. in Civil Engineering).
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, 1992.


Premi extraordinari de doctorat. Award from the  Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya for the best Doctoral Thesis in Civil Engineering, June 1992.

Distinció de la Generalitat de Catalunya per a la promoció de la recerca universitària. Distinction  from the Catalan Government to young researchers,  June 2000 (first edition).

J.L. Lions Award to Young Scientists in Computational Mathematics. Award from ECCOMAS (European Community on Computational Methods in Applied Sciences), September 2000 (first edition).

IACM Young Investigator Award. Award from IACM (The International Association for Computational Mechanics), September 2004.

ICREA Acadèmia award 2011. Award from the  Catalan Government, December 2011.

IACM Fellow. March 2012.

Academic positions held:

November 1989 - July 1990: Research assistant

July 1990 - May 1993: Professor Titular d'Escola Universitària (permanent position which does not require a Ph.D.).

May 1993 - December 2001: Professor Titular d'Universitat (permanent position, similar to Associate Professor).

December 2001 - Present: Catedràtic d'Universitat (Professor).

Doctoral students:

In progress


Arnau Pont (co-directed with Dr. J. Baiges). Aeroacoustics in time-dependent domains.

Camilo Bayona (co-directed with Dr. J. Baiges). Compressible flows.

Ricardo Reyes (co-directed with Prof. S. Idelsohn). Reduced order models in thermally coupled flows.

Ángel Villota. Transport phenomena in shallow water flows.

Alex Tello (co-directed with Dr. J. Baiges). Reduced order models in fluid-structure interaction.

Past students

Ernesto Castillo (2016). Stabilized finite element formulations for the three-field viscoelastic fluid flow problem.

Héctor Espinoza (2015) (co-directed with Prof. S. Badia). Wave propagation problems with aeroacoustics applications.


Ramon Planas (2013) (co-directed with Prof. S. Badia). Stabilized finite element formulations for solving incompressible magneto-hydrodynamics.


Matías Ávila (2012) (co-directed with Dr. J. Principe). Nonlinear subgrid finite element models for low Mach number flows coupled with radiative heat transfer.


Joan Baiges (2011). The Fixed Mesh-ALE method applied to multiphysics problems using stabilized formulations.


Noel Hernández (2010). Stabilized finite element approximation of the MHD equations.


Herbert Coppola-Owen (2009). A finite element model for free surface and two fluid flows on fixed meshes.


Javier Principe (2008). Subgrid scale stabilized finite elements for low speed flows.


Oriol Guasch (2007). Computational aeroacoustics and turbulence modeling of low speed flows using subgrid scale stabilised finite element methods.


Santiago Badia (2006). Stabilized pressure segregation methods and their application to fluid-structure interaction problems.


Guillaume Houzeaux (2002). A geometrical domain decomposition method in computational fluid dynamics.


Arnau Folch (2000) (co-directed with Prof. J. Martí). A numerical formulation to solve the ALE Navier-Stokes equations applied to the withdrawal of magma chambers.


Hernán González (1999).  Aportación al flujo arterial coronario mediante técnicas de simulación numérica.

Mariano Vázquez (1999). Numerical modelling of compressible laminar and turbulent flows.

Orlando Soto (1997). Estabilización de la solución por elementos finitos del flujo incompresible con rotación, turbulencia, superficie libre y temperatura.

Jordi Blasco (1997) (co-directed with Prof. A. Huerta). Analysis of fractional step, finite element methods for the incompressible Navier-Stokes equations.